Nestech specializes in post molding automation for the cap and closure industries. Nestech produces high speed cap slitting, closure lining, cap assembly, and other automation equipment. Cap slitting and folding are done on the same machine. Closure lining has been a cornerstone of Nestech machines. Almost all caps and liners are used for closure lining in Nestech Machine Systems. Nestech is the leader in assembly machines for sports caps. Nestech produces advanced closure lining machines that have more compact designs and more features.

NES-3 Lining Machines

This machine is lining a sports cap with quadruple tools, speed is over 1000/minute.

The customer requested a moveable platform for the entire machine. The platform has aluminum diamond plate and all covers are stainless steel (standard on all Nestech lining machines)

Complete touch screen controls with full statistic and diagnostic outputs.

Displays complete explanation and troubleshooting of any stops. Production information includes; parts/shift, rejects/shift, average running speed, etc.


This customer required a 53mm and 63mm to be run on the same machine. The sorter has a lower lane divider and accumulator turntable below. The sorted caps travel down on tracks.